I got a lot of respect for good design!
A comprehensive set of instructions for automating a new Python project
gündelik hayatım,
What's life like during corona for me ... in Turkish
XCompose bindings for Turkish letters,
XCompose key bindings for Turkish letters on an English QWERTY keyboard.
A demonstration of the glitch effect on some text.
How to deal with boolean flags passed to the argparse module in python.
List all tables in a postgresql database from python,
How to use the psycopg2 module in python to interact with a postgres server.
xmlrpc server & client in python,
How to implement an xmlrpc server and client in python to execute your code remotely.
udp server & client in python,
How to implement a basic udp client and server in python to measure response latency.
Apache Kafka - Chapter 1,
How we move the data becomes nearly as important as the data itself
Null bytes in Python,
Be careful when you're hashing!
PostGres Python API,
Interact with a postgres server via the python module psycopg2
Timing attacks,
Be careful when you write server code! If it can be timed, it can possibly be attacked!
Logical operators in Python,
The logical distinction between the OR operator in Python.
Parallel HDF5,
Failed step-by-step instructions to install parallel hdf5
OpenMPI, parallel HDF5, mpi4py, and h5py, take 2,
Failed step-by-step instructions to install parallel hdf5. Take 2.
Processes vs Threads,
There's a big difference between processes and threads, and you should know it!
Intrepretation of equations,
Why thinking in English words doesn't help mathematical thinking....
A conceptual sketch of a P2P network game,
How can we encourage cooperation among competitive players?
Network programming in python,
Download a webpage using python urlib module.
Scientist vs engineer vs developer,
A scientist, engineer, and developer walk into a bar...
How to decentralize identity management - an outline,
Is it possible to create a decentralized identity management platform? Here's an idea...
OpenMPI, parallel HDF5, mpi4py, and h5py,
Step-by-step install instructions for parallel big-data processing
Basic git commands,
Some basic git commands to get you going...
Basic SSH commands,
Some basic ssh commands to get you going...
I wrote some code to scrap the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and do text analysis on the contents.
Computer science topics,
Broad categories of computer science for my personal study.
Semantic Fluency Tasks,
What do Semantic Fluency Tasks measure? Ask a cognitive scientist.
The following keys correspond to my online identities.
Pros & Cons of Bitcoin,
Blockchain and bitcoin for 5 year olds.
Hari Seldon, Psychohistory, and Cognitive Science,
Cognitive Science has some really wild aspirations!
The Repeal of Net Neutrality - an attack on the American Dream?,
The US gov decided that it can't classify ISPs as common carriers. That's a problem.
open peer review app,
One time I made a thing. But, it doesn't work well ;D
spinning fractals!,
Sometimes I make art on the computer...
semantic derivations,
How useful is etymology?
Aliens on Earth,
Here's a story for your entertainment.
launch blog,
All about me!

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