I’m a pragmatic, technologically-oriented, cognitive scientist deeply involved in distributed systems and networks. I have several years experience as a Python programmer and developer where I prefer to write object oriented programs. I can read and write in several other languages including Javascript (nodejs) and Java. This website was created with a variety of different tools, including ruby, git, html, css, sass, and js.

My undergraduate training as an analytic philosopher (2005-2008) led me to study the embodied, extended, and enactive approaches to cognition as a graduate student at the University of Central Florida (2009-2011) and at King’s College, London. After working in NYC for some time, I ended up at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (2014-2017) where I studied again computational cognitive science and I wrote my master’s thesis on recursion in vision and language. While there, I also interned in the machine learning department of the Fraunhofer Institute, and I worked as a scientific editor for the open-access journal, ScienceOpen Research.

Inspired by the similarities between the way in which the human mind is organized into a collection of cooperative, independent modules and peer-to-peer networks, after my Master’s degree, I took up work at a software company where I developed a modeling and simulation pipeline of a network architecture. The goal of the simulation was to show how various protocols should interface with one another in an end-to-end network architecture in order to realize a permissionless, totally decentralized, distributed ledger in a safe and efficient manner.

Lately, I’ve been getting into the idea of test-driven software development, and more and more, I’m believing that the only things worth thinking about are data structures & algorithms * visualization. I don’t really have too much time for blogging and website design, but from time to time, I update this site in my free time.