Problem: Lastpass stopped working in Chrome and Firefox Attempt at solution: Uninstall Firefox, download newest version, reinstall.

Outcome: Nope, there was still a problem in Firefox, which they’re trying to fix.

Solution: Migrate to Chrome?

Outcome: Lastpass installer downloaded from the lastpass website on this date, but it didn’t stick to chrome. The final screen of the script launched in the browser shows an inactive “install lastpass” button.

Solution: Run the from terminal. Looks like I will have to cp my passwords? (Lastpass is on its last breathe.)

New problem: Chrome was still showing a message that it (chrome) was now managed by a system-wide policy, and I don’t like allowing external websites permissions to install extensions on my browser (see chrome://policy).

Problem defined: The lastpass script does not remove policies it sets for itself in directory, /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed. I supsect this is not malicious, but simply negligence out of ignorance.

Final solution: sudo rm /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/lastpass_policy.json

Outcome: Chrome no longer shows that it is Managed by an organization.