Should you learn code?

15 Dec 2017

I recently googled the question,

"What percentage of websites have shitty code?"

And I ended up reading Jeff Atwood’s blog post,

 Please don’t learn to code.

Here’s my Summary

Jeff has a problem-centric approach to programming. What this means is that programming is a means-to-end, not an end-in-itself. So, if you have a piece of work that needs to be automated by a machine, then there’s a chance that, yes, maybe you should learn how to code. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like it’s so important that you know java, or python, or whatever.

So what are are some end-in-itself type things you should learn? Here, I agree with Jeff. At the end of his post, he says that people should learn some basic things, like how the things around them work, and they should also learn how to effectively communicate with other people.

Anyway, I highly recommend Jeff’s post for anyone thinking about learning code.